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mitt romney each campaign thursday in the hotly contested battleground state of virginia. both candidates attempted to court virginia's large population of military voters. in an address in the military town of virginia beach, obama called for what he termed "economic patriotism." >> during the campaign season you hear a lot about patriotism. well, you know what? it is time for an economic patriotism. in economic patriotism rooted in the belief that growing our economy begins with a strong and thriving middle class. >> mitt romney spoke at an american legion hall in springfield, virginia, not far from the pentagon. romney criticized obama over potential defense cuts and vowed to maintain u.s. military power. >> we're going to make sure to restore the principles this nation was built upon a freedom and opportunity and restore our economy and put people back to work, get rising take-home pay again. we're going to make sure we of the military that a second to none. i will do those things. i look forward to being able to keep the station strong. i make that commitment to you. i nee
was then and present in baghdad imprisoned in kuwait, and in virginia where he was kept for nine months in isolation and subjected to severe abuse. the u.n. special rapporteur for torture one mendez investigated and formally found against the united states. hillary clinton spokesman resigned bradley manning signs for all-star, soldier, and patriot, was degraded, abused, and psychologically tortured by his own government. he was charged with the death penalty sentence. these things happen to him as the u.s. government tried to break him, to force him to testify against wikileaks and me. as of today, bradley manning has been detained without trial for 866 days. the legal maximum in the u.s. military is 120 days. the u.s. in ministration has been trying to direct a national regime of secrecy, a national regime of -- or any government employee revealing sensitive information to me organization can be sentenced to death, life imprisonment, or espionage. and journalists from the media organization with them. we should not underestimate the scale of the investigation which has happened in to wikileaks. i o
are the criteria for those strikes? is a pattern of life. it is what a drone operator in nevada or virginia or wherever that person may be seized on a video screen and what he or she believes constitute activity tha tis a threat to the united states in a situation where a person cannot be arrested, etc. that is the basis. that basis has not been made express. that basis has led to many civilian deaths. we have a lot of reasoning to question what the president has said and that laws are being complied with. one of our principal recommendations is that all the information available the provided. this is something that has to be emphasized. "the new york times" reported in may of this year that the administration considers that all adult males killed in drone strikes are combatants. think about that for a minute. what it authorizes authorities to do is to kill first, knowing that who is killed afterward will be turned in combat and unless there is evidence of that person's innocence. i think that fact helps to explain the unreal numbers that the government has been issuing to us for months and
, ohio and virginia. what's more, huge sums, not only for ads but for get-out-the-vote efforts like mailings and robocalls are going into house and senate races in the fight to control congress. altogether, three billion dollars in campaign cash have been raised so far, and a projected $6 billion by the election, less than seven weeks away. it's not just that we're being hit by swarms of ads thicker than locusts. what's truly frightening is that we don't know who's really paying for them. president barack obama: i'm pledging to cut the deficit -- >>> romney's worth $200 million. >>> the president's doing a mediocre job. >>> governor romney cares about big business. >>> real job growth cut the debt. >>> i had no healthcare. >>> -- to the highest corporate bidders -- >>> if you're a super pac, empowered by the supreme court's citizens united decision to take unlimited donations, you're supposed to make your donors public. and you're not supposed to coordinate your efforts with the candidate. but there are ways to get around both requirements and to hide those campaign mega-dollars. in
something very important. justicece lewis powell, then a lawyer in virginia, wrote this for the chamber of commerce, later became appointed by richard nixon to the supreme court. >> just several months later. >> many people look at the "powell memo" as the charter -- >> the foundational, the foundational document. >> and the first big case in this direction was the "first national bank of boston versus bellotti" case, which he wrote the decision on. and what it said was corporations -- the identity of the speaker is irrelevant, which becomes the key -- >> what does that mean? >> what it means is you can't tell corporations that they can't put their money into politics just because they're a corporation. which has, i guess, a surface plausibility to it. but then would you say that, for example, the city of new york can put money into an election -- >> that could be the next step. >> to tell people how to vote? >> if we had any money. city of new york is broke. >> can churches put their money in? i mean, if the identity of the speaker is really irrelevant. and even the court itself has no
understand the is. it really fun -- laid out -- he can win virginia, iowa, and number of states, ohio, for example, with those 18 and electoral votes. there are so many paths to victory. this guy basically has to run the table, as it were. he has to run the table, essentially, to beat mr. obama. whereas, if you are romney, how would you appeal to them? >> it is real tough for the republicans. there are a lot of seats. but the electoral map is very tough. we need both florida and ohio. a number of other states, as you say. i think mitt romney made a poor choice with paul ryan. there was the government is bad side, except when it comes to reproductive rights, where suddenly they know more than women and their doctors, but there are other issues. he is saying to forget about government, but i think he needs to take back this issue that government is just the enemy. we need some balance. i do not think he is going to do it, but i think he means, not just as basic, to move to the center, but move to that playset recognizes that a better balance between a free-market and democratic governme
by force. virginia sterilized 8,000. california 21,000. other programs existed in korea, japan, canada and beyond. this is the covert history of 20th century disability and it hasn't stopped yet. in the last two decades, there have been involuntary sterilizations amongst gypsies in europe and in the native people of peru. [whistle] >> many of the para olympians who will be celebrating in london have the same disabilities as those whose rights have been violated. but does this mean we should right off eugenics in its totality? we stand at the dawn of a new era where advances in genetic engineering and embryo selection could permit parents to take far more control of the genetic makeup of their children. should the prospect of designer babies be ignored just because of its associations with nazism? >> it's sometimes said because of the nazis embraced eugenics that it must be wrong for us to at least take the idea of improving human beings seriously. now, it seems to me just rather silly to think that things are wrong because bad people do them. so if it is true, with you i think it's dou
over kenya as it appears -- the long shadow of 2008 now hangs in virginia as it prepares to go back to the polls. tensions are simmering between the candidates. when people go to the polls in kenya, they are generally not thinking about manifestoes or platforms. it means getting your candidate elected. that generally means someone from your triborough community. success or failure could be the difference between getting a job or becoming unemployed and the success or failure of your political bloc could mean the difference between a road being built in your area or not. in kenya, elections are a matter of policy or prosperity. they can even be a matter of life or death. >> the politicians are preaching peace to their constituents, but many kenyans simply do not believe these massacres were caused by small local land disputes. 1 local mp has been sacked from the cabinet on suspicion of fomenting the violence. others are suspected. >> the motive is to affect the way that people vote, to create fear and terror. political incumbency means freedom to kill. you become rich by being in gov
through four bagram states. iowa, ohio, colorado, and virginia, before accepting the nomination thursday night in charlotte. addressing supporters in virginia, he said obama's failed to outline concrete proposals for reviving the struggling u.s. economy. >> the other side may not have been eager to talk about their ideas, but on thursday night, i look forward to sharing mine with you. a on thursday night, i will offer lively as a better path forward, a path that will create good jobs and strengthen our middle-class, and grow our economy. the good news is, in just two months, you get to choose which path we take. >> and never protests are being held outside the democratic national convention throughout the week. on tuesday, dozens of occupy protesters marched through charlotte before staging a sit- in at an intersection near the convention center. also tuesday, activists rallied in support of the group planned parenthood to denounce the republican-led attack on reproductive rights. >> i really feel like our bodies are under attack. we are wearing these vagina costumes to say we are proud
-hundred city tour continues on wednesday in connecticut. thursday, arlington, virginia. on friday, a charlottesville, virginia. saturday, green festival in washington, d.c. democracy now! is looking for feedback from people who appreciate the closed captioning. e-mail your comments to or mail them to democracy now! p.o. box 693 new york, new york 10013. [captioning made possible by democracy now!] democracy now!]
of the satirical weekly featured a depiction of muhammad in pornographic poses. abortion clinics in virginia are facing a major setback after the state's board of health reversed an earlier decision that exempted them from stringent building codes. the regulations in question are akin to those imposed on hospitals, governing everything from the size of the janitors' closets to do with of hallways. some clinics say the rules may force their closure due to the cost of remodeling. the board's reversal follows what critics call bullying by the state's attorney general who rejected the decision in june, exempting existing clinics from the rules and said the board had overstepped its authority. ken cuccinelli had told the board members they could not exempt clinics and warned them they'd be personally liable for legal fees if they were sued after rejecting his advice. the virginia law is part of a nationwide wave of so-called targeted regulation of abortion provider or trap laws aimed at ending access to abortion rid the lead to some of global warming, sea ice in the arctic has melted to a small s
. i grew up covering virginia. the idea virginia would be a swing state is stunning to me. the idea north carolina is swing state is surprising to even to you, charlie. there are no permanent line ntion politics. i think it's mistake feem in our business things as they exist now and extrapolate them too far in the future. >> charlie:is your interest and excitement you get from politics every bit as strong as it's always been? >> it is in the big picture. i think the character tion. people who are in politics, people i covered closely like bill clinton, the other characters that's what makings this business fascinating. so i still love that. i do think -- i share the view of a lot of journalist this particular campaign has been a grinding sullen remorseless affair not been a lot of fun. >> i think that's right. i think there's not been a lot of joy in this campaign on either side and the voters seem disgusted by t it is a dynamic story and we don't know the full story and full evolution of barack obama. who would have thought he would have asked bill clinton to come prop him up. tha
back to these four battleground states -- ohio, virginia, pennsylvania, and florida -- to put a spotlight on this position. you take from its dismal job numbers and combine that with what juan is split up from the numbers yesterday, and you get a clear picture that poverty is a new norm. it ought to be abnormal, but it is the new american norm. we're trying to ring the bell, beat the drum, said between the labor day and election day sprint, that this issue best i get lost but in the last presidential race, three debates between mccain and obama, the words "pour" and "poverty" did not come up. to moderators are back on the stage in 2012 while america is bottoming out through poverty. we want to make sure the moderator's put poverty in the debate this year and we want to make sure the candidates address the issue and more broadly, a mixture our leaders start to make poverty a priority. >> how would you respond to maybe some of the strategists who are president of his reelection campaign saying your plan a discordant note as their time to focus on the middle- class, and to assure
photo ids, we saw bob macdonald of virginia actually expand the ran for -- enfranchisement of the formerly incarcerated people. it is a far right thing. it is having a real a fact on this race and will have an effect in november. >> talk about what is happening around the country. >> ground zero is probably pennsylvania. strict voter id law says anyone can vote and thus to shop with the government issued a deal with a photo on it. it has not been shot down. it was struck down in texas and other states, but still in effect there. with 800,000 voters in the state, they do not have an up- to-date current photo id. there's just no way we will get all those 800,000 a photo id and two months. >> explain what people do not have a photo id, weren't there is a disproportionate -- why there is a disproportionate effect on those of color. >> if you're a poor person on once aten move at least year. people do not tend to go to the dmv more than once a year. car,u're too poor to own a you can not have a driver's license for it if you are a student -- think about when you went to college
, will not go up next year. >> campaigning in virginia on saturday, republican nominee mitt romney seized on the latest job figures to paint obama as weak on the economy. >> this president has not fulfilled his promises and went to the dnc and spoke in grayling and had a lot of wonderful things to say, but not did not say what he would do to help people get unemployment -- out of unemployment or the poor back to middle-class. we have to make sure he does that have any more days in the white house after january. >> chicago school teachers have gone on strike for the first time in 25 years. they're walking off the job after union leaders vowed to reach agreement with the nation's third largest school district over education reforms sought by mayor rahm emanuel. we will have more on strike after the headlines. the obama administration is drawing controversy for siding with two former latin american leaders in unrelated cases involving the massacres of civilians. the white house has informed bolivia that it will not extra by former president sanchez de lozada to face charges of the mass killi
handling of the violence in libya. a protester interrupted romney's speech in fairfax, virginia to accuse him of criticism sizing -- politicizing libya. >> we have lost four of our diplomats across the world where we are thinking about their families and those left behind. what is it? >> [indiscernible] what are you politicizing libya? >> usa! >> usa! >> i would offer a moment of silence, but one gentleman does not want to be silent, so we're going to keep on going. >> romney supporters drowned the protester out with chants of "usa!." the disruption comes as romney faces criticism for using the violence in libya to accuse the obama administration of sympathizing with the attackers. romney's criticism centered on a statement from the u.s. embassy in cairo that was actually released before the attacks. following the disruption on thursday, romney went on to criticize obama's for policy and stress the importae of u.s. military power. >> as we watch the world today, sometimes it seems we're at the mercy of events instead of shaping them. a strong america is essential to shape events. we have
in virginia that was teaching saudi curriculum and such accusations were made the curriculum there and i brought in all the books that were naught that school to the embassy and had a committee go through all of the text there and and we found alarming examples of bigoted text and others and we took them out. completely. having done that, we then relayed that issue to the proper authorities in the kingdom and they went through the same process and took out these texts frrb saudi curriculum. but that is not enough, in my view. it is not so much the text-- although it has an influence, but who teaches the text as well if you have a bad teacher who comes to teach six, seven, eight nine-year-olds at that stage bigot tri and hatred then you have to change the teacher as well and not only the words that are written in the books. so all of our teaching staff and all of our mosque preachers have gone through very extensive evaluations by committees of the government to make sure that they don't participate in such advocacy of bigotry or hatred. >> rose: iran and-- gaining a nuclear capacity supp
'llian castro. president obama spent the day campaigning in norfolk virginia. he will address the delegates thursday evening. two reporters have written extensively about barack and mish efl jodi kantor and author of the "obamas" author barack obama the story. i am meesed to have them both here on this program this evening. welcome. >> charlie:let me start with you, jodi. tell who is barack obama. you have written a piece about both of them. and his piece is about the competitiveness of him. >> we thought he might be a deliberative professor of a president. we might see that mellow hawaiian quality. we have seen that for sheumplet he turns out to be this super competitive perfectist. the story wrote came out of years of hearing these stories the president grading everything, graying people. always wanting to be the best, even at small pursuits like bowling and look, there's a lot of advantage to this, the fact that he worked so hard at everything that he weants to be the best is an admirable quality. it's part of what gave him the kfd to run for the presidency and yet there can also be a do
for governor of virginia in 2009, reed's brand new faith and freedom coalition was there. >> do you want to hand these out? >> contacting, he said, every social and fiscal conservative voter an average of seven times. enough, he also said, to make the difference. >> thank all of you, god bless you. >> after republicans swept into control of the house in the 2010 mid-term elections, reed called a press conference in washington the very next day to claim bragging rights. >> it was the most ambitious, the most comprehensive, and the most effective voter contact and get-out-the-vote effort aimed at the conservative faith community in modern american political history, or at least as long as i've been doing it, which is 30 years. 16 million voter guides. 8 million pieces of mail. three pieces of mail to every social conservative household in certain areas. they received an average of three phone calls, and many of them received a knock on the door. >> they're also the voters reed says he reached in wisconsin earlier this year. >> thank you, god bless you, and god bless the great state of wisc
-year-old james robert montgomerie, a private in the confederate signal corps were in virginia wrote a letter to his father back home in camden, mississippi. dripping blood on the paper as he wrote, from the horrific shoulder wound he had sustained a few hours earlier. >> dear father, this is my last letter to you. i have been struck by a piece of shell and my right shoulder is horribly mangled. and i know death is inevitable. i am very weak but i write to you because i know you would be delighted to read a word from your dying son. i know death is near, that i will die far from home, and friends of my early youth. but i have friends here too who are kind to me. my friend fairfax will write you at my request and give you the particulars of my death. my grave will be marked so that you may visit it if you desire to do so. it is optionary with you whether you let my remains rest here or in mississippi. i would like to rest in the graveyard with my dear mother and brothers, but it's a matter of minor importance. give me love to all my friends, my strength fails me. my horse and my equip
no margin of error. you basically have to win virginia, colorado, nevada, a whole bunch of states that are right now not particularly in governor romney's pocket. >> rose: so obama could win the electoral college and lose the popular vote? >> could but i doubt it. >> rose: so what's the weakness of them beyond the economy? i mean what is it that he's vul never-- vulnerable on. >> in terms of electorate. >> rose: yeah. >> i think on the merits, he will have trouble making the case that he can work with republicans to get things done. and they'll almost certainly be a republican controlled house. and lots of republican senators. if people want a solution and we need a solution because of the fiscal cliff, it's hard for the president to make that case. and governor romney has started to make that case. it's not effortless for him to make it either given the kind of partisan effort he has run so far in a lot of ways but that is a vulnerable. and i think a general sense, not just of a bad economy but of a long trek, i think the most effective line bar nun at the republican convention,
removal coal mining. at one point, walking across west virginia to educate his fellow residents. he died while working in west virginia, his birthplace, in an area he spent years trying to protect. we will talk more about him with journalist chris hedges later in the broadcast. yemen is claiming to have killed a militant leader believed to be the second in command of al qaeda. the yemeni government says he and six other militants were killed monday in a military operation in eastern yemen. those are some of the headlines. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we begin our show with the man who the american trial lawyer magazine calls america's political prisoner no. 1. that's don siegelman, the former governor of alabama who returns to federal prison today to resume his six and a half year sentence. he was convicted on bribery charges stemming from his appointment of a campaign donor to a non paying government board. however, his supporters say his only crime was belonging to the democratic party and a stay with the republican majority. hi
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)